Kate Chruscicka is the most talented and skilled wedding pianist

Kate Chruscicka is the most talented and skilled wedding pianist

If you are looking for a high-quality violinist for your event, it is not visible from Kate Chruscicka. This classic and electric violinist is the most talented and skilful wedding violinist in London and the whole of England and beyond.
As a native of Poland, he began his training at the age of six and continued for thirteen years at the National Specialist School of Music in Koszalin, Poland, followed by the University of Leeds in England, where he received a prestigious scholarship. He honed his skills and repertoire at the University as co-leader of the first violin section of the Philharmonic Orchestra University and at Cuban Band Charanga Del Norte. He received his Masters in Solo Violin Performance at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

Kate Chruscicka is the most talented and skilled wedding pianist

Since completing her studies, Kate has produced two albums, “The Violinist”; and “My Classical Interpretation,” each of which sold thousands of copies. He has appeared for various corporate events, including for companies such as Google, Apple, and BMW. He has also appeared on live TV and radio shows and produced videos for his website and his You Tube channel.

Kate provides a unique experience in wedding entertainment in the UK. He adjusts his performance to suit your unique preferences and situation. The game goes beyond the genre, including everything from classical music to pop to cabaret, techno, and acoustic violin fusion. He appeared on the classic acoustic violin and his electric violin. He can perform solo or accompany an orchestra or a small group of other musicians

An enthusiastic past client praised Kate’s “passion and style,” as well as her technical skills and professional attitude. He is also uniquely talented in tailoring his performance to a particular audience, whether by collaborating with a variety of artists, studying new works, or simply thinking about the unique atmosphere of this group. She is happy to receive requests for specific songs and styles.

As a young and modern musician, Kate engages with fan base through social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She is also active in many charities and often performs at charity events.

One of Kate’s latest projects is doing for Fred Olsen Cruise Lines on their way to all over the Caribbean and the United States, as well as Norway, Iceland, and the Canary Islands. He also plans to record new albums, as well as continue to play in public and private events, both in the UK and around the world.

At the age of twenty-seven, Kate has accomplished so much, and she will continue to disappoint the audience and inspire people with her music, whether through her You Tube album and videos or on shows and weddings and special events. He’s a great violinist.

Marriage is the best memorable moment of your life. The wedding pianist must be special for this special occasion. To make this special event choose the right wedding pianist in London.

Kate Chruscicka is the most talented and skilled wedding pianist

Ready for the Road: The World’s Most Epic Motorcycling Routes

Ready for the Road: The World’s Most Epic Motorcycling Routes

Is there anything quite like seeing the world glide by from behind your motorcycle helmet visor? Nothing but you, your buddies and the open road. The unbelievable rush of roaring along Route 66 at a tidy 75 mph beats a lazy beach holiday any day of the week.
For the ultimate rush of a roadtrip with just your bike, backpack and the road, give one of these epic adventure routes a go.


Route 66, USA

The mother of all road trips, this 3,939km route starts in Chicago and cuts through the country all the way to LA. Depending on how much time you have and what interests you the most, you could either drive a section of it or go the whole hog (on your hog!) and see the whole thing. It winds through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, and doing the whole shebang would take 3 to 4 weeks according to seasoned bikers who’ve lived the legend.

With our USA travel insurance, you’ll be covered for as much of the journey as you take. Spend some more time getting to know (and win big in!) Vegas, experiencing Death Valley and admiring the Grand Canyon.

The South Island, New Zealand

This stretch of land is just breath-taking. Expect to see awe-inspiring landscapes, forests, fjords, mountains and beaches along the way. The other-worldliness of the backdrop to much of the Lord of the Rings movies will be amazing to drive along to. Other bonuses of this route include the lightness of the traffic, the smooth tarmac road surfaces, and the incredible scenery really must be mentioned again.

Stop and enjoy the Franz Josef Glacier, revisit civilisation in the city of Nelson, relax on the shores of Lake Mapourika and visit the Aspiring National Park. These are just a few attractions on the 2,100km stretch of road.

The Transalpine Route, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy

If staying closer to home with the added bonus of bringing you bike without a huge amount of effort, this is the route for you. Starting in Grenoble in France and winding 2,400km all the way through the Alps to end in Venice, Italy, you’ve got a couple of options when it comes to traversing the Alps with more easy routes right up to a couple of more challenging ones. Expect spectacular mountain landscapes, steep gradients and a hell of a lot of tunnels, bridges and viaducts. Don’t forget to bring a load of loose change for the tolls, and don’t miss out on the climb to the Stelvio pass!

Ruta 40, Argentina

At 5,301km this is one of the world’s longest roads. It starts in Cabo Virgenes in Santa Cruz and snakes its way up to Quiaca in Jujuy, with gorgeous views the whole way along the route which runs beside the Andes. This route cuts through or drives by a whopping 20 National Parks! With incredible scenery on offer as well as the chance to ride from the South to the North of this huge country, this route is rightly popular.

Whether you opt for New Zealand, the Alps, Argentina or the USA, travel insurance by Let’s Go Insure gives you the cover you need to make the most of your roadtrip without stress.

Drive carefully and to drive safely, keep to the speed limit. Always have the necessary documentation and safety gear at hand.

Underwater Shipwrecks: The Most Dramatic of Dive Sites

Underwater Shipwrecks: The Most Dramatic of Dive Sites

Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just starting out, there’s an undeniable romanticism and sense of adventure around wreck dives that you won’t be able to get elsewhere. The excitement builds while you’re in a speedboat zipping through the immense expanse of blue, wind whipping your hair and you into a frenzy. Often you’ll not spot any signs of civilisation as far as the eye can see and then, suddenly, with all your gear securely in place, it’s overboard and underwater into a magical world where ghostly ship remains loom as if from nowhere, waiting to be explored…
If this sounds tempting, the reality is much better. Do these thrilling historical sites offering spectacular dives, stunning reefs and enchanting folklore call to you? Great: here are three of the best this fine planet has to offer.


Townsville, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is the a fabulous dive site any diver worth their salt has explored, and this British-built luxury passenger ship which fell victim to a cyclone back in 1911 is arguably its crowning jewel. Teeming with marine life and a spectacular ship in itself, if you’re only ever going to take the plunge with one wreck dive ever then this should be a strong contender.

Grand Anse, Grenada

The Bianca C has become known as the Titanic of the Caribbean after it sank in 1961 due to a boiler room explosion and consequent fire which lasted several days. At 180 metres (600 feet) long, this is the largest shipwreck you can dive in the Caribbean. If you have your full wreck dive insurance certifications then you’re in for even more fun as you’ll have multiple chances to enter the wreck.

Chuuk Lagoon, Federated States of Micronesia

Are you on the hunt for a travel destination which boasts a true wealth of wreck diving options? Then look no further than Micronesia. This little section of paradise in Oceania is undoubtedly the place for you. In years gone by it was thought to be the most formidable of Japanese strongholds in the whole of the Pacific during WWII, and Chuuk Lagoon was completely devastated after an American attack on the base back in 1944. 249 aircraft, 32 merchant ships and 12 warships sank, with over 20 wrecks having been discovered since. You’ll be like a kid in a sweetshop deciding which dives to do — some of the most popular include the 500 foot (153 metre) Shikoku Maru and the 440 foot (134 metre) Fujikawa Maru.

Mayday Mayday!

Not every travel insurance covers you for wreck diving, and some dive insurance won’t cover you below 18 metres. Let’s Go Insure’s dive insurance provides cover for up to 50 metres as long as you have the necessary qualifications. Get in touch with our team today to make sure your once in a lifetime dive insurance needs are met.

Kate Chruscicka is an award-winning wedding pianist from London

Kate Chruscicka is an award-winning wedding pianist from London

Kate Chruscicka is one of the most renowned wedding and award-winning violinists in London and throughout the UK. His classic and electric violin appearance is at the highest level of wedding entertainment, and he has an incredible playing experience in countless weddings, as well as many other special occasions.
This Polish virtuoso was trained for thirteen years at the National Specialist School of Music in Koszalin, Poland. He then went to England to study at the University of Leeds, where he was awarded the Toothill Performance Award and twice received the Blanche L Leigh Award.

Kate Chruscicka is an award-winning wedding pianist from London

At the University, he served as co-leader of the first violin section of the Philharmonic Orchestra University and at Cuban Band Charanga Del Norte, and he received his BA Mus. He then continued his studies at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, where he received the Masters in Solo Violin Performance.

Kate has released two albums, “The Violinist” in 2009 and “My Classical Interpretations” in 2012, to get popular praise. She has appeared on live TV and radio broadcasts and in many corporate and charity events.

Kate tells of her glamorous life on her social media page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He also produced original videos for his own You Tube channel, which has received more than 4 million clicks.

In contrast to more traditional options, such as wedding pianist or wedding string quartet, a unique blend of Kate’s classic and popular styles adds a modern and classy touch to an important event. In fact, in 2013, he was awarded the title of “Best Music and Entertainment” by the Wedding Guide.

In addition to pop and classics, Kate plays from the cabaret genre, techno, and violin acoustics. He likes to tailor his performance to a unique show style, either by choosing a particular style to fit the theme, adding new songs, or collaborating with other artists or groups.

He has wedded in almost every major wedding venue in Britain, as well as in other European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. She has appeared for a long list of celebrities and celebrities, including CEOs and sports stars.

In addition to wedding entertainment, Kate has recently performed on a cruise ship, as well as performing at various shows in the UK and beyond. He is a member of the English Philharmonic Orchestra and regularly tours with them.

If you are looking for a musician decorated for wedding entertainment in London, Kate Chruscicka is an excellent choice. The blend of contemporary sounds and rigorous classroom practice, combined with a new open and open musical approach and show, makes it the right choice for a stylish wedding.

Marriage is the best memorable moment of your life. Entertainment Wedding uk must be special for this special occasion. To make this special event choose the rights of Entertainment Entertainment london players.

Kate Chruscicka is an award-winning wedding pianist from London

The Gnarliest Waves at Nazareé, Portugal: Not For the Faint-Hearted

The Gnarliest Waves at Nazareé, Portugal: Not For the Faint-Hearted

The little Portuguese fishing village of Nazaré is a surfing hotspot during the summer months, but in winter only the real thrill-seekers stick around. One of these is undoubtedly Garrett McNamara, the big wave big boy from the US, who in 2011 broke the record for the biggest wave ever surfed — and he smashed it right here in Nazaré.
Big Names, Bigger Waves


This monster wave measured 78 feet and in 2013 McNamara returned to Nazaré where he surpassed his own record, riding an absolute whopper estimated to be 100 feet tall. Later that year, Carlos Burle of Brazil conquered a wave that seemed even bigger, winning international recognition with surfers worldwide.

In 2014 Andrew Cotton from Plymouth followed suit, and is now known as one of the 4 surfers who have ridden the hugest waves around these parts. He started surfing when he was seven, so if you want to check out these waves you’re going to need a lot of practice or some pretty decent surf travel insurance…

Why Such Big Waves?!

Nazaré is such a Mecca for surfers because of its enormous waves, and these waves exist for our adrenaline-fuelled enjoyment thanks to the make up of its ocean floor topography. Just like Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline, the Tahitian Teahupoo and northern California’s Mavericks (amazing surfing spots any surfer worth their salt know!), Nazaré’s ocean floor boasts a huge underwater gorge.

The Nazaré Canyon stretches 125 miles, starting barely half a mile from the shore and reaching way out into the abyssal plain of the Atlantic Ocean. At 16,000 feet, its unbelievable depth, coupled with its perfect positioning, helps to magnify the waves that approach the Praia do Norte beach in Nazaré. It’s because of this that almost every single day you can bear witness to monster waves up to 4 times the size of those found elsewhere along the coast.

Daredevils and Pros Alike: Surf Travel Insurance is as Essential as Board Wax!

It’s undisputed that tackling these waves is not for the faint of heart. Monster waves often move much faster than others, which forces boarders to get distance from the dangerous, frothy white water as fast as they can.

This kind of surfing is less about aesthetics than its tamer cousin: think extreme sport rather than showy carving, quick cutbacks and pretty floaters. This is about braving the aggro (bad weather), tough conditions and brutal waves while trying to remain upright and avoid reef injuries, wipeout, or even death…

While we wouldn’t recommend big wave surfing to those who aren’t pros, now is a good time to start planning your summer surf trip to enjoy the sun and sea at your (adventurous) leisure! Before you race off to enjoy the surf, travel insurance is a must-buy. Embrace the waves without the fear of monstrous medical bills should anything go wrong. You never know, with a little practice you could even be the next big name to be borne of Nazarés big waves! Surf’s up!

Take a Leap Into the Unknown: 4 Exciting Bungee Jump Techniques!

Take a Leap Into the Unknown: 4 Exciting Bungee Jump Techniques!

For many, a bungee jump is a once-in-a-lifetime, adrenaline-filled activity that you’ll remember forever – and you’ll forever be able to tell people about your jump! There are many ways to skin a cat, and some of these bungee jump techniques will make your jump even more memorable. Whether you’re a seasoned jumper or will only take the plunge once in your life, there is a thrilling technique out there for you.
Feel Like You Can Fly Techniques!


The Swallow Dive is one of the most popular jump styles in use today, and for good reason! Especially beloved by adrenaline seekers, you have to take a big running jump off the platform with your arms stretched out as wide as possible (like a swallow). This will let you soar through the sky to the ground below. There will be a huge adrenaline rush as you feel like you’re flying through the air… and as an added bonus, as the cord begins stretching you will be pointing downwards – perfect for a smooth and easy deceleration.

Be aware: if the body harness you’re kitted out with has a front cord attachment, ensure you twist 180 degrees so by the time the cord tightens out you’re facing upwards. Don’t worry, your instructor will know all this! But the more you know before your jump, the more relaxed you’ll be before the big event.

The Bat Drop is a little trickier than the swallow dive, and much more daring! For this jump style you’ll have to be positioned hanging upside down (!!!) on the edge of the platform. Someone else will need to be holding your feet, and once they release you you’ll shoot off like a bat or vampire into the darkness of the night!

The Back Dive is another jump which is considered to be a little more difficult. You’ll really need to put your all into launching off the platform so that when you’re at the end of your fall, your head will be pointing straight down. Just like the swallow dive, be sure to be facing upwards at the end of your jump if you happen to be using a front-connected body harness.

The Elevator is a technique you’ll definitely have seen somewhere before. You simply step off the platform with your feet pointing down at the ground, and when you reach the end of the bungee you’ll be automatically flipped the right way round.

Top tip: only do the Elevator if you have access to a rubber (Kiwi/ Euro) cord to avoid hurting yourself and doing your ankles some serious harm!

Jump Safely, Jump Insured

Whether you’re going for the jump of a lifetime or plan to tick off all of our suggested bungee jump techniques, make sure your travel insurance covers you. Let’s Go Insure offers cover for one or multiple jumps, and our friendly staff are on hand to help you with getting covered for all of your daredevil antics!

Children and Piano Lessons

Children and Piano Lessons

Piano lesson! Have you ever met anyone who regrets learning to play the piano? No! People just regret NOT learning to play the piano. This truth is important and worth remembering, especially when it comes to children’s lessons and piano lessons. Your child is not mature enough to decide today whether he wants to know how to play the piano, but you, as a parent, have the right position to make this decision. Here are some things to keep in mind about children’s and piano lessons:

Not every child will love to play, but every child can learn to play. Begin the process with the attitude that playing the piano is a skill that you want your child to have, like reading or math, as it will enrich their lives. They do not have to love him, they just need to learn it. In fact, most students struggle to love the piano in the early stages because it is difficult, the music can be boring, and practice unpleasant. True love of piano later, as the student changes from “someone who takes piano lessons” to “pianist”.
Every piano student will experience ups and downs. You can expect your child to have the time when the piano is played every day and when the piano is never touched. Stick with it. Do not let an episode of lethargic piano thwart important goals. A stable and consistent piano lesson is the key. Take it slowly patiently, remember that it’s normal and it’s not a sign that your child does not intend to play the piano.
Your child does not need you to improve their game; That’s what the teacher is. Your child needs you to be their biggest fan. Comments like, “Oh, dear! I love that song! I especially love the way you play slowly and then become harder. Would you play it for me again?” Almost guaranteed to make your child play the song repeatedly. Listen to their music. Tell them what you like. Make silly words for their songs and sing along. Assure them that you like their music and they will play for you at any time.

Children and Piano Lessons

Trekking Tours And Other Things To Do In Vietnam

Trekking Tours And Other Things To Do In Vietnam

Who does not like to go on vacation? A few weeks in a far place where you can immerse yourself in rest, relaxation and other cultures.

One country that may not be the top of your list, but certainly, is Vietnam.

A country full of culture, history, and a place to relax to truly relax, there is something everybody should do there.

Let’s look at some great things to do in Vietnam.

Experience The Most Beautiful Culture in Relaxation While You are Visiting Vietnam
When you visit an exotic location, it is always useful to have an idea of ​​what you want to do. You do not need to schedule a trip to-time, but the general plan does not hurt.

What kind of things to do in Vietnam, you may ask?

Let’s see right now.

Trekking Tours Help you explore this magnificent country

What better way to explore the country than on foot? Get up close to the scenery, to the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of this hidden gem. Vietnam’s trekking tour is a popular way to see the country. However, some of the best are in the northern part of the land. Here you can leave the main tour behind and stay with the locals in their home, and experience the true Vietnam.

Visit War Time Museum Trekking Tours And Other Things To Do In Vietnam

The Vietnam war museum is a stunning and poignant place to visit. Describe the brutality of the conflict and the impact of civilians. If you love culture, then this is for you.

Pagoda Travel Offers A Relaxing Cultural Experience

There are several visit-based pagodas and day trips that you can take, offering amazing ways to explore the country, see the sights and experience the tranquility that is the culture of Vietnam.

Galore Day Trips Mean You are Never Short of Things to do in Vietnam

With so much to see and do, a day trip is a great way to make sure you see all the things you need to see in a country like Vietnam.

From the Mekong Delta tour to Halong Bay and even travel north to this country to places like Hoa Lu and Tam Coc. You will be hard pushed to run out of great things to do in Vietnam.

Hit the Caves if You Feel Adventurous

For those who want to get a little adventure while on vacation, there are some caves in Vietnam that offer what you are looking for.

From the vastness of Han Son Doong, the world’s largest cave to the Tu Lan cave, where a day trip will see you walk and swim past the caves before you reach the secluded beach where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Vietnam Offers a tourist paradise Trekking Tours And Other Things To Do In Vietnam
Whether you want to sit and relax in a hanging pond, take a walk in the forest and enjoy a relaxing cultural experience, Vietnam is one of the few holiday destinations that offer it all in a single package.

Covering tropical and temperate weather conditions, it has sunshine, rain and humidity, so having a game plan to do in Vietnam means you do not need to get caught unprepared.

5 Unique Things to Do on Your Journey to London

5 Unique Things to Do on Your Journey to London

In a city that is traded with great tourists like London, sometimes the best experience the region has to offer does not work.

Take your journey to the next level with this insider tip about the best unique things to do in London and then share your experience with the world!

Check out these 5 cool stops on your next trip to London:

Visit God’s Junkyard
This little treasure boasts the largest collection of vintage and neon signs throughout Europe.

God’s Own Junkyard is the brainchild of artist Chris Bracey. Bracy is famous as “Neon Man” and has been collecting followers like a cult for the last 37 years.

The art featured on Junkyard features new and used neon signs ranging from old film props, retro displays, circus lights and improved vintage neon.

Hike Big Ben 5 Unique Things to Do on Your Journey to London
With 334 steps to get to the top, the opposite of fitness in the body of every person will be very happy to follow this nontraditional exercise with a view.

Once at the top of Elizabeth Tower, where the clock bell, you will have spectacular views of the Westminster Bridge and surrounding areas.

It’s a cheap and fun way to get a beautiful view that most unconscious people are available!

Enjoy the Night Life at Scandal London
Scandal Club London is a cool and sexy way to experience the night life London has to offer.

The club combines the spaciousness of Mayfair London with a light thrill from the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

Features such as entrances with frayed curtains, large VIP areas, and a concave dance floor complete with cabar style dancers bring together a cohesive decadent atmosphere.

Detour to House of Dreams 5 Unique Things to Do on Your Journey to London
Another unconventional art display, the House of Dreams is the home of artist Stephen Wright featuring an extensive home mosaic of recycled goods and rejuvenated items.

Wright is an artist and textile designer with more than 3 decades of experience at the scene and has created his small House of Dreams since the 90s.

The entire first floor of the house, as well as the garden and its exterior, slowly transformed into a gigantic statue with every inch of wall, floor, and ceiling that is covered in art.

The house is only open to the public a few days a year, so plan your trip accordingly. This is not the place you want to miss.

Magic Experience on Platform 9 3/4
The Harry Potter series, which has tens of millions of fans from around the world, is partly played in London. That means if you happen to be one of the millions of fans, here’s your chance to live a little fantasy.

Let your nerd side play by visiting the famous 3/4 Platform 9/4 at King’s Cross station and experience the little wonder that Harry and his friends are doing.

There are many unique things to do in London!
Use insider knowledge about unique things to do in London to make your next trip to the books.

Which stops at the top of your list?

Kate Chruscicka – She is the most talented Violin Wedding

Kate Chruscicka – She is the most talented Violin Wedding

No wonder Kate Chruscicka is a violinist in demand because they want to have beautiful wedding music on a special day. This is why it is important to order a musician like Kate as soon as you set your wedding date. Kate is natural and has won many awards. And why not? She was guided by violin at the age of 6, inspired by Vanessa Mae’s music.
Kate is very fond of her violin so it is easy for her to study and earn a Master’s degree in Violin Performance from Royal Northern College of Music. He also earned a BA Hons in Music from the University of Leeds. Not content with one or two degrees, Kate continues to study further under some of the most famous tutors in the world.

Kate Chruscicka – She is the most talented Violin Wedding

Kate Develops her own Creative Potential

The thing about Kate is that she’s not just about head knowledge. A true artist has another quality that equips them well for the musicians’ creative lives.

It’s just a matter of time these very talented electric violins play-and delight the audience with mere talent. People started ordering it, and he has played in some amazing locations and places around the world. British wedding entertainment with Kate is a wise choice if you are looking for stunning and enticing quality and entertainment. From playing in small intimate shows to a large and sophisticated audience, Kate is always enthusiastic and professional at all.

Kate’s Always Well Prepared

Kate Chruscicka is destined to be one of the best wedding violins in London. People appreciate his talent, his dedication. One of the reasons Kate is considered one of the most talented wedding violinists in London is because she knows her actions very well. She’s really ready so there’s no harm in spoiling your day. He is really tough and knows how to overcome every obstacle.

If there is a power failure on your wedding music, with Kate’s music constantly playing. He comes with his own PAT test equipment and always has a generator and pre-recored music as a back-up to make sure the show goes on. This is why Kate built such a relationship with her audience. His skills with his violin also have a good business sense.

A Musician Not Ignored

London is full of talented musicians, but not everyone is paying attention. People think of Kate as a seasoned violinist, not because she has studied violin carefully but only because she is so amazing with her unique talent.

Kate Chruscicka – She is the most talented Violin Wedding