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A guide to Getting Organic Instagram Business Followers

If you have been in existence for long, you know how hard it can be to grow an organic following on Instagram for a new business. Having a huge instagram followers can be all that your new business needs to grow and make sales and to spread the word out there on its existence; after all, the social media is the most reliable word-of-mouth at this time and age of the internet. But how do you gain such a huge following considering how competitive the business environment is, especially on the social media pages?

You must always engage with like-minded instagram accounts and accounts that could be highly interested in your services or products; this is arguably the most important tip out there that ensures you not only build but also keep your followers on instagram. Engaging means following posts, commenting on posts, liking their posts and participating in relevant conversations that touch up on your niche. When engaging, always ensure you comment using useful content and not just commenting for the sake of commenting. Once you post relevant comments and engage the accounts, you will always be rewarded by a follow back and will start engaging your account as well. When this happens, it could be proof to your target audience that your business Instagram account is actually an industry giant as well and is highly recognised even by existing businesses.

While at it, how about you engage social media influencers who have mammoth followings on social media pages such as Instagram? Engaging social media influencers is all about catching their attention through useful social media comments and posts that will create the illusion that you are a giant in your field of specialisation. Again, when a social media influencer engages you, it will appear as a huge endorsement, which needless to mention will help grow followers instantly. You should know by now that social media influencers have very huge following, hence missing comments can be very easy. Do not expect they will notice you by living a simple one liner comment once every two weeks.

Everything on the internet today thrives on quality, and so should your social media engagement be of superior quality. When you upload good quality photos that are then accompanied by informative content, interesting and engaging captions, etc., you can be guaranteed of winning a huge following. Simply put, focusing on quality means you are making it worth for your followers to follow you, hence they will always be ready and eager to engage your Instagram business account. Not only will they manage your instagram business account, but they will engage your target audience, helping you grow relevant following, building a strong online reputation for your brand.